Video Surveillance for Law Enforcement Professionals

Having worked closely with the law enforcement community for many years, BrickHouse Security understands the unique needs of uniformed police officers, private investigators, and government agents. We have the professional-grade video surveillance equipment you need, including body worn police cameras, high-definition video recorders, and hidden cameras of all types. If you're on the job, you'll find the right gear to gather crucial physical evidence, conduct covert surveillance, and keep a thorough record of your interactions with civilians.

  • B-Link Secure Cellular IP Camera Solution

    Hard-wearing rugged cellular router for bringing internet service to remote worksites

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  • B-Link Secure Cellular WiFi Camera Connector

    Upgrade any wifi camera to cellular for unlimited remote viewing.

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  • Bravo HD DVR Kit

    Capture covert video and review it right away with this easy-to-use LCD portable DVR and hidden camera kit.

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  • Camscura WiFi B-Link Secure Cellular Camera System

    This complete surveillance kit is packaged in an extremely durable and convenient hard case.

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  • HD Micro Camera with DVR by LawMate

    One-Click Pics and Hi-Def Videos on the Go with This Mini HD DVR Camera

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  • HD Waterproof Police Camera

    With the push of a button, begin recording wide angle, high-definition video and audio to always have a document of every encounter.

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  • Law Enforcement Professional Body Worn Button Camera

    Disguised as a button or screw, this covert camera can be bodyworn or left behind, capturing video & audio.

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  • LawMate AC Adapter DVR Video Recorder

    This AC adapter DVR plugs into a common outlet for power, and plugs into a camera via RCA for simple surveillance setup.

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  • LawMate Digital Clock HD WiFi Hidden Camera

    Functioning alarm clock doubles as hidden camera with night vision

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  • LawMate Handheld Pro DVR with Button Camera

    Lightweight 4oz. Unit for Easy Concealment and Carrying

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  • LawMate HDTouch Handheld DVR

    DVR Gives You an Incredibly Sharp and Crystal Clear Image

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  • LawMate Key Chain HD DVR Camera

    Always have a camera when you need one with this convenient, pocket-sized hidden camera perfect for video on the go.

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