Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

Camscura Micro Hidden Camera is a compact and versatile surveillance device designed for dis

Camscura Micro Hidden Camera

creet monitoring. With its small size and powerful recording capabilities, it’s perfect for home security, monitoring office spaces, or keeping an eye on personal belongings. The camera features high-definition video quality and motion-activated recording, ensuring you capture clear footage whenever needed. Its user-friendly design allows 

for easy setup and operation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable, covert surveillance solutions 

To help get you started with your camera, please review this short tutorial video and our User Manual below:

Download User Manual


How do I turn this device on and off?

To turn the device on, press and hold the power button on the side for 3-4 seconds. The light will blink green for a minute as it boots up. To turn it off, repeat these steps; the light should blink once and then go out.

How do I change my recording settings?

To change the recording settings, you need to download and install the software onto a computer. Connect the camera to the computer while adjusting the settings. To save the changes you make in the software, slide the switch on the device to the "Custom" position. From the settings, you can choose to manually record or activate recording based on motion.

Where can I download the software?

You can download the Cam Set-up Tool software from the links below this blog.

What is FPS? Why does my video look jittery and is not playing smoothly?

FPS, or Frames Per Second, refers to the number of frames displayed per second in video. A frame rate of 24 or faster is typical for smooth video, while anything below 13 will appear choppy. The smoother the video, the larger the file size. Choose your FPS based on whether you want a clearer picture or smaller files. You can also try playing the videos directly from your PC.

Why does the video look grainy?

If the video looks grainy, it might be due to the quality settings and low light levels. Setting the video quality to high and ensuring adequate lighting can help produce a smoother-looking video.

Why is my video not playing at all or coming up with an error message?

If your video isn't playing or showing an error, try using VLC Media Player to play the files. You can download it for free online in just a few minutes. Sometimes, Windows Media Player and QuickTime can't read this camera's file type. Please visit this website directly:

How do I format my memory card if it is full or causing the device to get error lights?

You can watch the videos here to show you how to format your memory card for different Operating Systems.

My device seems to be freezing and unresponsive when I press the power button.

On the bottom of the camera, there is a reset button. Gently press the button using a pin inserted into the hole for about a second, then release. Wait for about 10 seconds and then try to power it back on.

What do the different blinking lights mean?

The LED indicator is on the side of the device next to the power button.

Green Blinking: Camera booting up, may take up to a minute.

Green then Orange: Issue with the SD card, check for full memory or format the card.

Green then Red: Low battery, charge for 8-10 hours. Also, check memory card presence and correct insertion.

I’m running out of space on my memory cats. What should I do?

This device supports a micro SD card capacity of 128 GB. Alternatively, you can enable Circular Recording, where the device automatically deletes the oldest recorded files on the SD card to make space for new recordings. This ensures that you always have access to the most recent video files and never run out of space.

I'm having trouble downloading or installing the software.

Make sure to use the correct software for your operating system. You only need the software to change camera settings. For video retrieval, any computer with any operating system will work. Ensure you have extraction software like WinZIP or WinRAR for compressed files.

Can I use combined recording modes? I want scheduled recording checked off, and I also want motion detection and voice recording activated?

No, you can only use one recording mode at a time. If you are using custom settings, you have to choose only one.

BHS Cam Set-up Tool

The BHS Cam Set-up Tool software is used to configure the recording settings of your Camscura camera. To download, please click the links below.

For Mac-only version of the software:

BHS Cam Setup Tool for Mac

For Windows-only version of the software:

BHS Cam Setup Tool for Windows

Jan 1st 2024