Phone Tracker User’s Guide for Android

The BrickHouse Phone Tracker Mobile app is an application providing you with the basics of tracking via your smartphone device. The BrickHouse Locate GPS Mobile app is available for both Android (smartphone) and iOS (smartphones, and computer) platforms. This is an Android User’s Guide.

The BrickHouse Phone Tracker application is used for tracking the unit’s location. The BrickHouse Phone Tracker can be installed on Android-based mobile devices. The location is tracked mainly using GPS; therefore, the device will need to have an active data plan.

Position data is sent from the mobile device to the locate.brickhousesecurity cloud to be stored. Besides position data (coordinates, course, speed. etc.), images, alarm messages, and custom statuses can also be sent to the server. Data received from a mobile device can be processed by a tracking system and presented in different forms such as tracks of travelled routes on the map, notifications, etc.

Please see attached for the complete guide of the BrickHouse Phone Tracker for Android devices.

Phone Tracker User’s Guide for Android PDF

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Jan 3rd 2024