Alarm Components Complete Your System

By adding alarm components to your system, you ensure that you have your whole property covered. The benefit of choosing a wireless system is that you can never outgrow your system. If you get a larger home or apartment, simply add extra sensors to expand your system's coverage. By offering additional components, you're able to buy a minimalist system initially, and then add to it as your needs change. Remote controls, window and door alarms, two-way radios, portable receivers, and wireless smoke detectors are but a few of the items from which to choose.

  • 4G Cell Radio Module

    This module could make your system's connection stronger if you live in an area with poor …

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  • Asset Protection Sensor

    Asset Protection Sensor

    The easily installed asset sensor affixes to anything you need to protect and will send yo…

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  • AT&T 3G Cellular Module

    If you live in an area with poor cellular coverage, this cellular module could make your c…

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  • Birdhouse Unfinished Kit

    Camouflage your driveway and MURS sensors with this inconspicuous birdhouse cover.

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  • Dakota Alert MURS Transmitter

    Dakota Alert MURS Transmitter

    Detect people, vehicles, and large animals on your property to ensure a secure perimeter a…

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  • Dakota Alert MURS Two-Way Base Station Radio

    Dakota Alert MURS Two-Way Base Stati…

    Monitor MURS transmitters with this base station or use it for long distance communication…

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  • Electronic Watch Dog

    A barking dog is an excellent way to deter burglars. The Electronic Watch Dog alarm system…

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  • External Attic Mount Cell Radio Modu…

    Mounting above your Control Panel, this external antenna plugs into the panel's GSM module…

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  • External Probe for Flood Sensing

    External Probe for Flood Sensing

    This hyper-sensitive add-on probe works with the MORzA-enabled Freeze and Flood Sensor.

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  • EyeWatch Motion Detector

    EyeWatch Motion Detector

    Featuring an emergency backup battery and simple mounting screws, this simple solar alarm …

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  • FakeTV


    This ultra-bright light deters intruders by simulating the appearance of a 40 flat screen …

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  • FireFighter Smoke Alarm Audio Detector

    FireFighter Smoke Alarm Audio Detect…

    Fully MORzA compatible, this smart smoke alarm syncs up all of your smoke detectors to cre…

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Did You Know?

The availability of a wide variety of components for alarm systems makes it possible for you to build a complete system that fits your needs and your budget. When selecting alarm components, make sure that the components are either standalone units or that they are compatible with your current or planned alarm system.

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