Keep Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement and More Protected with this Ultra-Sensitive Sensor

Wireless Temperature & Flood Sensor

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Wireless Temperature & Flood Sensor

The Best Insurance Policy

When you invest in a home, there's always a risk that the elements can damage or destroy it. This wireless sensor monitors both temperature changes and the presence of water, helping you minimize that devastating risk. Set this sensor to detect up to 5 different temperature ranges (cold, warm, hot, refrigerator failure, and freezer failure) so you don't need to constantly check on specific areas of your house. No matter what temperature range you need to keep a room, this wireless temperature alarm and flood sensor can ensure that you know the room is under control.

The 470PB flood probe is designed to detect water up to 1/4" high. When installed in a basement, laundry room or bathroom, this highly sensitive sensor can alert you the instant liquid is detected. And, because it syncs with your MORzA Go!Control Panel, you can set it to alert you directly on your smartphone if you happen to be away from home when the damage is occurring. Or, if you are home, this dual-purpose device can be used as a standalone sensor. Protect your property the smart way with this wireless temperature alarm and flood sensor.

MORzA: Wireless Security and So Much More

MORzA by BrickHouse Security is a fully customizable home security, alarm and automation system that can be set up according to your individual needs. Contact one of our security experts and save; don't pay for anything you don't need, and receive discounts when you bundle certain products and services. Call (800) 654-7966 today for a personal consultation.


SKU: 5821

Special Feature: Whether you're at home or on the go, this dual-function sensor will alert you to the presence of liquid or extreme temperatures, drastically reducing any potential property damage.

Cold Temperature Detector 45° F
– When temperature drops below 45° F for >10 minutes
Flood Sensor
– When 1/4" inch of water is covering the 470PB probe

Probe Current on Activation
1.0 milliamps

Probe size: 2"W x 1"H x 1/2"D (51mm x 25mm x 13mm)
– “Swinger Suppression” (Hysteresis) of 3° F
– Temperature difference between fault and restore points

One 3V battery (included)
Replace only with ADEMCO #466, Panasonic CR123A, Sanyo CR123A, Duracell DL123A, Tekcell CR123A or Varta CR123A (Lithium Manganese Dioxide)

Operating Temperature
14° F to 104° F (-10° C to 40° C)

Operating Frequency
345 MHz ± 85 KHz

Range of Response time
+50%, -20%
-10 minute setting (8-15 min)
-30 minute setting (24-45 min)

1.6" W x 3.1" H x 1.0" D (max protrusion)
40.64mm x 78.74mm x 25.4mm

Service Plan
MORzA Central Station Monitoring and Home Automation plans start at only $29.95 per month. Customizing your setup so you're only paying for the products and services you need will help you save. Call us today at (800) 654-7966 for a personal consulta
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