Find Out Instantly in the Event of a Flood

External Probe for Flood Sensing

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External Probe for Flood Sensing powered by

Detect the Presence of Any Water

This extra-sensitive probe is designed to detect water up to 1/4" high, but the sensitivity can be easily adjusted by cutting the loop wire. Install this probe in any room where you'd worry about the presence of flood water: a kitchen, basement, or bathroom and be alerted the moment water is detected. Because the probe and its corresponding sensor are connected to your MORzA Go!Control Panel through z-wave communication, in the event of a flood you and central station monitoring will be immediately alerted.

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SKU: 470PB

Special Feature: This hyper-sensitive add-on probe works with the MORzA-enabled Freeze and Flood Sensor.

  • Probe Current on Activation: 1.0 milliamps
  • Probe size: 2"W x 1"H x 1/2"D (51mm x 25mm x 13mm)

Service Plan
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