Alarm Sensors

Sensors and alarms are the keys to smart home security. You can use these devices to monitor entrance and exit points in your home, detect movement, identify foreign substances like smoke and carbon monoxide, and so much more. Some alarms, like smoke alarms, can work independently to alert you to emergency situations, while others, like door and window sensors, work with your home security system to protect the perimeter of your home.

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Alarm System Key Fob
Asset Protection Sensor
Driveway Alarm Kit
External Probe for Flood Sensing
EyeWatch Motion Detector
FireFighter Smoke Alarm Audio Detector
Glass Break Detector
Image Sensor
MORzA LiftMaster Universal Garage Door Control & Kit
Motion Detector Floodlight Hylite Mightylite
MURS Motion Detector with Handheld Transceiver
Panic Button
Passive Infrared Motion Detector
Passive Infrared Wireless Motion Detector
Recessed Door Contact
Thin Door/Window Contact
Tilt Sensor
Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
Wireless Doorbell
Wireless Driveway Vehicle Sensor
Wireless Motion Detector/Receiver Kit
Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Detector
Wireless Temperature & Flood Sensor
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