Best GPS Tracker for Trailer Guide and Reviews

Most discussions about GPS tracking for field service businesses focus primarily on monitoring company vehicles. That makes sense for plumbing or electrical service businesses interested in keeping tabs on their utility vans in the field.

But if you're reading this, we’ll assume you operate a landscaping, logistics, or construction business – not your typical office job. In these industries, tracking your trucks is just one part of the equation. It's equally important to keep an eye on your trailers, which are just as vital to your operations.

In this guide, we'll explore the various GPS trailer trackers available and highlight the top solutions on the market. We'll also help you create a checklist of the key features to look for in a GPS tracker that suits your needs.

Let's begin by discussing why adding GPS trackers to your trailers is crucial for protecting your business assets and enhancing your operations. This move can also lead to a better overall experience for your customers.

3 Big Benefits of GPS Trackers for Trailers

1. Added security for your valuable assets in the field.

Many businesses incorrectly assume that once they’ve installed a GPS tracker in their truck, they’ll be able to monitor the real-time position and movements of both the truck and the trailer attached to it. But if you think it through, you’ll realize that, unfortunately, this is not the case.

What if you park your truck overnight in your business's yard or on a construction site? A GPS tracker in the truck could alert you if someone steals the vehicle itself. But what if they detach the trailer, re-attach it to their own vehicle, and drive off with the trailer and all of its valuable equipment. With a GPS vehicle tracker alone, you’d never get that vital alert.

This is one reason it’s a smart move to make a modest investment in a separate GPS tracker for trailer security.

2. Theft recovery for a stolen trailer.

Now let’s imagine the worst. (Actually, the second worst. The worst would be if a thief stole your trailer, and you weren’t monitoring it with a separate GPS tracker.)

Imagine this scenario: Thieves enter your company's yard at night. They take your trailer, which contains valuable equipment or cargo worth thousands of dollars.

Because you have a real-time GPS trailer tracker installed, it will immediately notify you as soon as that trailer starts moving outside the designated timeframe. Or, if you’re using your GPS solution’s geofencing capability, you’ll also get a text or email alert the moment your trailer leaves your yard.

Now that you know your trailer is on the move when it shouldn’t be, you can track it in real-time to keep eyes on its movements and current position. You can then help guide police to the thieves quickly – before they have a chance to offload the valuable assets onboard.

3. Improved customer experience with real-time updates.

With your real-time GPS trailer tracker providing frequent updates on the trailer’s whereabouts, you can now deliver a service your customers will truly appreciate: the ability to stay informed on when to expect either your crew (if you’re a landscaping business, for example) or their cargo (if you’re a shipping company).

The right GPS trailer tracking solution, for example, will let you send your customers regular text or email updates every few minutes with your trailer’s current position, planned route, and ETA.

The Best GPS Trackers for Trailers

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of GPS trailer tracking in general, let’s review five of the top solutions available today.

(Note: All of the options below are rated as waterproof GPS trackers for trailers, which is a feature you should demand regardless of the provider you choose. Trailers tend to spend more time outdoors, exposed to the elements, than the trucks that haul them. You don’t want a GPS tracker that can’t transmit its mission-critical data because it encounters bad weather.

[New Launched] EON Odyssey

EON Odyssey is a simple-to-deploy, long-life asset tracker built for maximum versatility. It reports to the BrickHouse Security tracking platform via nationwide 4G cellular, so you can remain confident it won’t lose service. A built-in high-power magnet provides for simple deployment on steel boxes and cargo containers - just slap and track - or use the integrated strap loops for a more secure installation. The EON Odyssey’s tamper detector can generate an alert if it is removed from whatever you’re monitoring.

EON Odyssey

The EON Odyssey takes advantage of all the best features of BrickHouse GPS.

  • Set motion alerts to receive a text or email when your device moves unexpectedly.
  • Set up geofences and get notified if your device leaves a specified boundary.
  • Tamper alerts if the Odyssey is removed or its battery compartment is opened.
  • View current and historical location data with custom reporting.
  • 4G cellular service across North America. International tracking is available–call for details.

1. EON X-Ray Long-Life Asset Tracker (BrickHouse Security)

The EON X-Ray Long-Life Asset Tracker is a popular GPS trailer tracker from BrickHouse Security. It is easy to use and flexible. It can deliver data over both GPS and WiFi signals, allowing you to receive updates whether your trailer is stationary or on the move, indoors or outdoors. The easy-to-install device also comes with batteries that can last for more than half a decade.

EON X-Ray Long-Life Asset Tracker

2. Livewire Dash GPS Vehicle Tracker

Livewire Dahs GPS tracker offers extensive coverage across North America, spanning the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, all on a reliable 4G network. It provides updates every 60 seconds, ensuring detailed, remote monitoring of your vehicle's location at all times. Designed for convenience and constant readiness, the tracker is directly wired into the vehicle’s power source, which means you never have to worry about the battery running out. This setup guarantees that your tracking capabilities are always active, providing peace of mind and enhanced security for your vehicle.

3. Orbcomm ST 9100

Another solid choice for GPS trailer tracking is the ST 9100 from Orbcomm. This tracking solution can alternative between satellite and cellular service (although not Wi-Fi) based on need and cost-effective. It is also an easy-to-install device that has a long battery life, so it won’t need to be removed often.

Orbcomm ST 9100


Considered one of the most user-friendly GPS trailer trackers, the GO9 from GEOTAB is a rugged and reliable device for monitoring assets on the move. Also, whereas most of the other best-in-class trailer trackers offer only satellite and cellular signals, the GO9 (and the BrickHouse Security EON X-Ray) can also offer Wi-Fi data transmission when applicable.


5. Verizon Connect

Verizon Connects asset trackers are considered by some the best choice for enterprise fleets, largely because they benefit from Verizon’s telecom network infrastructure and can be counted on to deliver data reliably. The key drawback of the company’s GPS trailer trackers, however, is that they do require a long-term subscription and many business customers have complained that this membership is difficult to terminate.

Verizon Connect

6. CalAmp TTU-730

The CalAmp TTU-730 is another viable choice for your GPS trailer tracking solution. These devices provide a long battery life, can alternate between satellite and cellular data transmission as needed, and offer a ruggedized and weatherproof package that can keep the data flowing even through rain, dust, and other unfriendly atmospheric conditions.

CalAmp TTU-730

The Best GPS Trailer Trackers: A Quick Comparison

Here’s a quick summary of the key characteristics of the top GPS trailer trackers we’ve just discussed.

Best GPS Trailer Trackers: A Quick Comparison

Types of Trailer GPS Trackers 

Because businesses’ needs for GPS asset tracking will vary, GPS providers design their trailer trackers with different features, capabilities, and physical profiles. Here are a few of the common types of GPS trailer trackers you’ll want to consider.

1. Battery-powered GPS trackers.

Most of the trailer tracking solutions we discussed above are battery powered. (The Verizon Connect option, however, offers both battery and hardwiring options. We’ll review hardwired GPS trailer trackers below.)

For most companies’ standard use cases, the battery option will be the most logical. This is because installing a battery-powered trailer tracker is quicker and simpler than a hardwiring option, and because the batteries on a best-in-class GPS tracker will need to be replaced only once every few years.

2. Solar-powered GPS trackers.

For some companies, a solar-powered trailer tracker will make even more sense. Agricultural businesses, landscapers, and construction companies in sunny climates, for example, might have their trailers out on a farm or jobsite collecting sunlight for hours every day. In these cases, a solar charge might be all the GPS trailer tracker needs to recharge itself and continue sending regular data updates.

3. Portable GPS trackers.

All of the trailer trackers we discussed above are also portable – with very small footprints of only a few inches. The benefit of portal GPS trackers, of course, is that you can easily attach and detach them when needed, and easily move the devices from one trailer to another as needed.

4. Hardwired GPS trackers.

With some asset trackers, you’ll also have a battery or hardwiring option. For trailers with their own electrical systems, you might choose a GPS tracker that you hardwire rather than one that operates on a battery charge. This would make sense if you needed a multi-year solution and didn’t have a GPS provider whose trailer trackers would need to be replaced more frequently than that.

Key Features to Look for in a Trailer GPS Tracker

As you do your own research into the various providers offering real-time GPS trailer trackers, here are a few of the must-have features you should always be looking for. If a company’s trailer tracking solutions fail to offer any of these capabilities, move on and keep searching.

1. Waterproofing and weatherproofing.

Because trailers typically don’t fit into a garage or under covered parking the way trucks do, we’ll assume your company’s trailers are going to be spending a lot more time outdoors than will the vehicles that transport them to jobsites.

For that reason, you need to insist on waterproof GPS trailer trackers – no exceptions. In fact, you should demand the even more rigorous “weatherproofing,” meaning the GPS device (or the ruggedized package it’s encased in) can withstand other rough elements. The EON X-Ray from BrickHouse Security, for example, is rated IP67 – which means it can withstand both water and dust (something else your trailer is likely to encounter often on the road).

2. Long battery life.

If you opt for battery-powered GPS trailer trackers, a key trait you’ll need to learn about any potential solution is how long its batteries can last (both when the trailer is idle, in storage, and when it’s on the move).

Obviously, when your trailers are in the field and moving regularly between jobsites or to deliver cargo, you’ll need to receive updates more frequently than if you’re keeping a trailer stationary in your yard. So, you’ll want to learn how long the tracker’s battery can last in both high-use and low-use conditions. And you should insist on a tracker that lasts at least a few years without its batteries needing to be replaced.

3. Real-time tracking.

Assuming you’ll be needing frequent updates on your trailer’s movements, routes, and estimated arrival times, you want to make sure the GPS tracking solution you choose can deliver those updates as often as you need – whether that’s every half hour, every few minutes, or even every few seconds.

You’ll find some providers fall short here – offering only updates once every half hour, for example. Think through your most common or important use cases. Will you want to be able to update customers on the ETAs for their cargo every few minutes (or within a few seconds of when they call)? If so, you’ll need to know your GPS provider can support you with these frequent, on-demand data updates.

4. Geofencing.

When it comes to security (and your peace of mind), one of the most useful features in a GPS trailer tracker is geofencing.

With geofence capability, you can quickly and easily draw a virtual boundary around wherever your trailer will be parked – a business lot, a construction site – and set your GPS software solution to alert you anytime that trailer crosses your boundary line. This feature can make the difference between your company recovering a stolen trailer – because you’re able to quickly bring in the police and guide to its real-time location – and losing it forever.

5. Mobile app capability.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your GPS trailer tracking solution offers its own mobile app, so that you or your team can access your assets’ data anytime, from anywhere.

Many businesses find the mobile app proves invaluable as a dispatching and customer-service tool. They can use the GPS provider’s app, for example, to check in on their drivers’ or crews’ locations so they can both keep customers informed of their ETA and even help these drivers out if they get lost or encounter unexpected bad road conditions.

How to Install an EON GPS Tracker on Your Trailer

The specific installation process will vary based on the type of GPS tracker you select for your trailer. A solar-powered device will need to be placed in a spot where it can collect sunlight. A hardwired option will need to be physically connected into the trailer’s electrical or starter system.

But we’ll focus here on the magnetic, battery-powered option – by far the easiest to install (and remove).

We’ll use BrickHouse Security’s EON X-Ray Long-Life Asset Tracker as our model. And you’ll find the installation process is unbelievably simple. Here goes.

Step 1: Attach the magnetic mounting kit.

The EON X-Ray device comes with an optional magnet that will let you easily affix the tracker in it ruggedize package to any metal surface on your trailer.

Step 2: Add the included 4 lithium batteries.

Step 3: Activate the magnetic “check in.”

Locate a common household magnet, such as one from a refrigerator, and swipe your EON X-Ray device’s magnet around it a few times in a circular motion.

Step 4: Find a metal spot on your trailer, and slap on the tracker.

Step 5: Log in to your BrickHouse Security EON X-Ray software platform.

This final step will complete the activation process, and that’s it. You can now begin monitoring your trailer’s position and movements – and set your account to send your team updates as often as you’d like.

Note: If you’re using a battery-powered GPS tracker, you’ll want to secure it to a spot that’s hidden from view. We recommend finding a location inside (or on the underside) of your trailer.

Reviews and Comparisons of Popular GPS Trackers

Now let’s take a brief look at some of the customer reviews and specific pros and cons of the best-in-class GPS trailer trackers we introduced above.

1. EON X-Ray Long-Life Asset Tracker (BrickHouse Security)

This device is comparable to the other leading GPS trackers for trailers that we discussed earlier. But there are two key benefits you’ll find with the EON X-Ray and not with its competitors:

  • No subscription required. (Most of the other providers require a long-term contract to get started.)
  • Satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi data transmission.

(Most of the other providers alternate only between satellite and cell service.)

Here’s a customer quote:

“We recently bought a very expensive boom lift for our construction company and were afraid that anyone could take off with it after hours when left at job sites. With [the EON X-Ray Asset Tracker], we can now sleep better at night and have peace of mind knowing that our equipment is exactly where it needs to be. In the event that someone would attempt stealing it, we would be able to provide law enforcement with the exact location. We are very pleased with this product overall.”5 stars - Noe L.

2. Orbcomm ST 9100

The device earned the “best durability” nod from FreightWaves in its review of GPS trailer trackers. The Orbcomm also offers other advantages, including long battery life and strong satellite coverage even in remote areas.

But one of the drawbacks of this tracking solution, as FreighWaves also points out, is that its hardware costs are higher than most and it does require a long-term contract.

Another challenge you’ll find is that it is difficult to find customer reviews specifically about the ST 9100.


The GO9 from GEOTAB is a user-friendly device supported by an intuitive software platform. And like the other tracker trailers we’ve discussed, this one offers long battery life, both satellite and cellular antennae, and a great mobile app.

But like the Orbcomm tracker, getting started with GEOTAB also requires committing to a subscription.

4. Verizon Connect

Because it’s part of the Verizon global telecommunications infrastructure, the Verizon Connect GPS trailer tracker offers excellent data transmission reliability, even in remote areas.

From a technical and capabilities standpoint, these GPS trailer trackers definitely earn their place on the best-in-class list. But Verizon Connect does have one drawback we haven’t seen with the other providers on this list: Consistently negative customer reviews.

If you read the reviews on this Capterra page of Fleetmatics, you’ll find many complaints about “being stuck in a contract” and even that Verizon Connect is “the worst experience I have ever had.” Be careful.

5. CalAmp TTU-730

The CalAmp Corporation’s TTU-730 trailer tracker is another solid choice, offering strong data transmission capabilities and a long battery life.

But be careful here: The company advertises that its fixed, upfront fee gets you “three years of service,” but that also means you’re paying upfront for a solution you might not want for three years.

Start GPS Tracking Your Trailers Now

We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of why GPS trailer trackers are an essential component of your operations – even if you’re already tracking the vehicles that haul those trailers. We also hope you found value both in our list of best-in-class providers and our side-by-side comparison of their key traits.

If you’d like help identifying the right GPS trailer tracker to suit your business’s needs, contact a BrickHouse Security Sales Consultant: 800-654-7966

Posted by Todd Morris on May 29th 2024

Todd Morris

Todd Morris

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