GPS Tracking Devices for Monitoring Vehicles

Whether you’re the owner of a single family car that is occasionally shared by family members or a fleet of company vehicles driven by an entire team of mobile employees, GPS trackers are a valuable tool for helping you keep track of your assets. These real-time GPS trackers for cars are designed to provide you with updates about the location of the vehicle, the speed at which it’s traveling, and more, depending on the specific device you’ve employed. Browse our GPS vehicle tracking systems below:

  • TrackPort 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

    TrackPort 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker

    Simple plug and play GPS Vehicle Tracker.

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    Free 2-Day Shipping
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  • 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker

    140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker

    "Slap and Track" 4G GPS Tracker lasts up to 140 days with our extended battery.

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  • Livewire 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Livewire 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Vehicle-powered GPS tracker is hardwired to avoid detection by drivers

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Did You Know?

GPS vehicle trackers are designed to allow vehicle owners to track the location of your property over a cellular network, ensuring that the updates are accurate and frequent. These GPS vehicle trackers provide real-time car tracking for individual vehicles or entire fleets. Various features offered by these devices include to-the-minute speed and location details, programmable text and email alerts about your vehicles, and customizable programming to suit your individual needs. Keep track of routes, speeding, traffic altercations, stops, and more to ensure that you know where your property is at all times.

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