Upgrade Your CCTV System With Hidden Camera Security Cameras

How Adding Hidden Cameras Can Improve Security

CCTV, also known as closed circuit television, is one of the most popular ways to monitor activity in a home, business, or public space. While a CCTV system was once a big expense used only by corporations or the extremely wealthy, they are now affordable enough to be found in common residential homes and small businesses as well. CCTV works by connecting cameras directly to one central monitoring station, which ensures that no footage can be altered and that no outside devices can pick up the video.

A huge component of CCTV systems is the cameras, which tend to be clearly visible and installed at a vantage point on a ceiling or wall. If you're thinking about investing in a CCTV system or upgrading an existing system, you might want to consider the addition of hidden security cameras, which are not obvious or visible to the general public. Learn more about the pros and cons of hidden CCTV cameras and whether adding one to you CCTV system is a good idea.

Pros of a Hidden CCTV Camera

The biggest advantage of a hidden CCTV camera is simply that it's covert. While a visible camera is easy to spot, a hidden CCTV camera can be a simple way to capture people when they don't think they're being watched; this might be useful for someone who is suspicious of a child care professional or employee and wants to ensure that there is nothing illegal going on behind the scenes. Since people don't know that they are being recorded, it may be easier to spot them conducting improper or unprofessional activities on camera. In terms of home security, a hidden CCTV camera can mean that intruders are more likely to be caught since they can't avoid the cameras that they don't see.

Cons of a Hidden CCTV Camera

Unfortunately, hidden CCTV cameras are not perfect. Since they can be slightly more expensive than visible cameras, some users avoid them based on cost alone. In addition, hidden security cameras won't act as a crime deterrent since they can't be seen by potential perpetrators. There is also the potential for a hidden CCTV camera lens to be blocked or covered accidentally, rendering the image useless to the viewer. Despite these drawbacks, many users find that hidden CCTV cameras allow them to feel better about the security of their home.

Pros of a Visible CCTV Camera

Having a visible CCTV camera is proven to be a deterrent to criminal behavior. If a housekeeper or caretaker can clearly see that they are being watched, they may be extra careful to follow their job requirements to the letter as well as to avoid any unprofessional or illegal behavior. The idea of a visible CCTV camera is to be as obvious as possible, so it is not unusual for them to be positioned in an eye-catching spot. Visible CCTV cameras are also more affordable, and they often come included with the rest of the CCTV system.

Cons of a Visible CCTV Camera

The biggest disadvantage of a visible CCTV camera is that anyone who wants to commit an illegal act can simply avoid the lens. A potential criminal may just move to a different room or cover the lens in order to commit a crime, and some otherwise law-abiding people feel uncomfortable with the idea of being watched around the clock.

Learn More About Hidden Cameras

Once you have made the decision to invest in a hidden cam, it is important to learn more about the different varieties of cameras available for purchase. If you opt for a hidden camera that is connected to your CCTV system, it means that the feed is not available wirelessly and can only be viewed on the dedicated screens that come with the system; this is often best for those who want to keep footage secure. However, an alternative that can sometimes be cheaper and easier to monitor is a self-contained hidden camera with its own recording system and internal DVR. These kinds of hidden security cameras can be placed in stuffed animals, books, clocks, and countless other common household items. The latter of these hidden camera types often requires battery power, which is another thing to consider before making a decision. There are also self-contained hidden CCTV camera systems that can operate independently of an existing visible system.

How to Install a Hidden Camera in Your CCTV System

If you already have a CCTV system, or you are ready to invest in one, adding a hidden camera can allow you the benefits of both camera types without any of the drawbacks. The simplest way to add a hidden camera to an existing CCTV system is to invest in a battery-powered camera that operates wirelessly. This hidden camera can provide a different view of the room than the fixed visible camera without revealing its location. The hidden camera might be concealed as a smoke detector cameras, alarm clock, or in a mirror or any other object that would look at home in the space. Alternatively, you can wire the hidden camera to the CCTV system, allowing for more secure footage.

As the price of CCTV systems comes down, they are becoming more and more popular in residential homes. Although visible cameras can act as a crime deterrent, adding in a hidden camera can make any surveillance system more effective.

Published September 22nd, 2021