Pure Satellite Trackers

GPS Satellite Tracking for Remote Locations

"Pure satellite" trackers are ideal for monitoring fixed or mobile business assets worldwide. Since no cellular service is required to report location, these versatile satellite tracking devices work in rural areas, through forests or deserts, or across open waters. All they need is a clear view of the sky. (Note that these satellite tracking devices are not recommended for continuous interval tracking or monitoring assets in areas where cellular coverage is readily available. In those instances, a GPS tracker that reports location via cellular service is your best option.)

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Did You Know?

A "pure satellite" tracker is a GPS tracking device specifically designed for monitoring fixed and mobile assets on an international level. Cellular service is not required in order to report locations with these remote satellite GPS trackers, making them both versatile and useful in rural areas, forests, deserts, across open waters, and more. A clear view of the sky is all that is required for detailed and accurate location information. These remote satellite GPS trackers are not designed for continuous interval tracking or monitoring of assets in areas where cellular coverage is readily available.  BrickHouse Security ensures that we are offering you complete coverage even in areas where cellular service could not reach, helping you to keep track of your assets no matter what.

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