Cannabis Security: Keeping Your Green Safe

The legal cannabis industry is growing rapidly in North America and around the world. With more states legalizing marijuana, it is important to cultivate safety measures to ensure that your crop remains safe.

Even as a legal operation, both medicinal and recreational retail sites remain at risk for theft. The desirable nature of the product, easy street resale value, and a large amount of cash exchanged, all make for a valuable target.

It is because of this that growers are starting to look into the steps they can take to better protect their product and business.

An effective security system is multifaceted, making use of various technologies working in tandem with each other.

Setting Up An Effective Alarm System

Setting up an alarm system is one of the first layers of protection to protect your valuable crop. Alarm systems are an essential tool for ensuring the security of your assets.

BrickHouse Security offers a variety of alarm systems that allow business owners to monitor the comings and goings of their employees and customers. If someone unauthorized steps on to your land, you will receive an immediate notification and can take action accordingly.

Keeping An Eye On Things With Security Cameras

One of the best ways to protect your property is the use of security cameras. Having security cameras set up lets potential thieves know that they are being watched — acting as a deterrent for illegal action.

An even more effective security strategy is using security cameras both in the open and also setting up hidden cameras. Hidden cameras monitor and protect against intruders and employees. Keeping your cameras incognito helps you keep tabs on the property and everything happening around it.

Setting up cameras that are not obvious to the naked eye can be an effective tool for monitoring your property and people who are coming and going. This is an especially popular technique for those who would like to keep an eye on their employees without them knowing that they are being watched. No matter what your concern is, a hidden camera is a discreet way to watch what’s happening, without raising suspicions.

Another advantage of having both security camera techniques in play is allowing them to work together to capture blind spots. if your security cameras can see nearly every area in your retail store or warehouse, but there are dark corners where they cannot see, these areas become hotbeds for theft opportunity. Hidden cameras can be placed in these areas to help you catch dishonest employees or customers in the act of hiding merchandise for later retrieval and theft.


Installing A GPS Tracking System For Drivers

For cannabis growers, this is an especially effective tool for monitoring the efficiency and whereabouts of your drivers and product. There are different options for GPS tracking, depending on your needs. BrickHouse Security will work with you to help choose portable, hardwired, or plug and play models.

GPS tracking has shown to help business owners save on fuel, improve customer service, and cut costs. Trust the experts in business GPS tracking, and shop with confidence. All of our business GPS tracking solutions include free and unlimited technical support and free lifetime hardware replacements.

As the cannabis industry continues to boom and the competition ramps up, protecting your product is just as important as producing a high quality product.

If you are interested in learning more about securing your crops, BrickHouse Security experts will work with you to set up a system that will meet your needs.