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From hidden camera and audio bug detectors to professional-grade anti-spy gear, our counter-surveillance solutions are all based on a simple premise: You have the right to know if someone is watching or listening without your consent. BrickHouse provides everything you need for complete personal security. Use these sophisticated counter surveillance products to be sure your private life stays private.

How To Choose Counter Surveillance Gear

  • Personal Multi Bug Detector

    Personal Multi Bug Detector


    Detect hidden cameras, bugs, GPS trackers and more with the Personal Bug Sweep Detector.

  • Mobile Phone Spy Protector

    Mobile Phone Spy Protector


    Professional-grade mobile phone anti-spy case detects wireless bugging devices and generates white noise to protect your private conversations.

  • RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand

    RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand


    With a wide 50-6000MHz frequency range, this RF detector boasts impressive battery life for 10-20 hours of scanning.

  • 6GHz Personal Bug Detector

    6GHz Personal Bug Detector


    This RF detector fits in a pocket and alerts you to analog transmissions up to 6GHz.

  • Bug Detector With Strength Meter

    Bug Detector With Strength Meter


    With its built-in signal strength meter, this bug detector is ideal for locating listening devices and hidden cameras.

  • Card Styled Bug Detector

    Card Styled Bug Detector


    Protect your privacy everywhere you go with this card styled portable bug detector.

  • Cell Phone & GPS Detector

    Cell Phone & GPS Detector


    This handheld cell phone detector instantly alerts you to the presence of tracking devices or cellular “bugs.”

  • Down Line Wire Tap Detector

    Down Line Wire Tap Detector


    Ensure the privacy of your phone calls with this portable phone line bug detector.

  • Frequency Finder Bug Detector

    Frequency Finder Bug Detector


    This versatile all-in-one handheld unit detects wireless transmitters, camera lenses, phone taps, & GPS trackers.

  • Garrett Scanner

    Garrett Scanner


    Portable metal detector with automatic retuning (never needs adjustments) for quick, yet thorough scanning.

  • Multi-Channel Bug Detector Pro

    Multi-Channel Bug Detector Pro


    Protect your privacy from digital eavesdroppers with this all-in-one professional grade radio frequency detector.

  • Portable Voice Recorder with Wireless Mic

    Portable Voice Recorder with Wireless Mic


    Keep record of important conversations and lectures with this easy-to-use voice recorder—its separate wireless microphone captures audio at a range of 300 ft.!

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