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From hidden camera and audio bug detectors to professional-grade anti-spy gear, our counter-surveillance solutions are all based on a simple premise: You have the right to know if someone is watching or listening without your consent. BrickHouse provides everything you need for complete personal security. Use these sophisticated counter surveillance products to be sure your private life stays private.

How To Choose Counter Surveillance Gear

Featured Items
Personal Multi Bug Detector
Mobile Phone Spy Protector
RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand
6GHz Personal Bug Detector
Bug Detector With Strength Meter
Card Styled Bug Detector
Cell Phone & GPS Detector
Down Line Wire Tap Detector
Frequency Finder Bug Detector
Garrett Scanner
Multi-Channel Bug Detector Pro
Portable Voice Recorder with Wireless Mic
PRO-10G Cell Phone & GPS Bug Detector
RF Signal Detector
RF Signal Detector II
RF Wireless Signal Detector by iProtect
Wired and Wireless Camera Detector
All-in-One RF Bug Detector
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