Protect Yourself Against All Forms of Identity Theft

Having your wallet stolen by a mugger or pickpocket is a scary thought; all of your cards and cash are compromised in one fell swoop. These days, however, sophisticated identity thieves can steal your personal information remotely, while your smartphone, credit cards, and ATM cards remain in your pocket, using a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner. RFID works like a next-generation UPC code, with valuable information encoded into a tag that can be read via radio frequency. By encasing your cards and smartphone in Silent Pocket RFID Wallets, you stop hackers in their tracks, preventing them from scanning your information. Guard your personal information with these sleek, stylish, smart wallets.

  • Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster

    Scan and discover potential weapons, shell casings and other evidence; this detector's pinpointing tip and 360° side-scanning capabilities offer maximum efficacy.

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  • Garrett Superwand Handheld Metal Detector

    Self-calibrating device eliminates the need for manual sensitivity adjustments, ensuring that you are ready to operate at a moment's notice.

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  • Garrett Tactical Handheld Metal Detector

    Easily-concealed metal detector with silent vibrating alarm indicator allows law enforcement and security personnel to perform detections discreetly.

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  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring RF Detection System

    This real-time remote monitoring RF detection system scans, monitors and identifies electronic audio bugs.

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  • Stealth Druid Professional Speech Protection System

    This government-quality speech protection system blocks listening devices including digital and tape voice recorders, wired and wireless microphones, stethoscopes, and more.

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