Tiny Cameras for Covert Monitoring

When it comes to capturing covert surveillance footage, one of the keys to doing so undetected is using a tiny, easily-disguised camera. Tiny cameras are excellent tools for covert surveillance as they can be body worn, disguised as other objects, or even stashed inside other objects to ensure that they are completely unrecognizable for what they really are. Most of these small hidden cameras and mini spy cams are excellent tools for capturing footage of events or encounters, and can also be discreetly positioned to monitor rooms or private spaces.

  • Camscura WiFi Hidden Camera

    Camscura WiFi Hidden Camera

    Black-box style hidden camera with footage viewable live or later from the free app.

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  • Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Tiny but powerful camera quickly captures the footage you need

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  • WiFi Mini AC Adapter Cam

    WiFi Mini AC Adapter Cam

    Charge your device while your camera continues to record 24/7 footage in 1080p HD resolution

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  • Lawmate Keychain Hidden Camera

    Lawmate Keychain Hidden Camera

    No one will suspect that your ordinary-looking key fob actually doubles as a hidden camera.

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  • Lawmate Low Light Button Camera

    Lawmate Low Light Button Camera

    Wearable camera designed to provide clear, detailed footage even in low light conditions

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  • LawMate Wireless Mouse Hidden DVR Camera

    LawMate Wireless Mouse Hidden DVR Camera

    This small surveillance camera looks exactly like a wireless mouse, and offers long battery life and up to 16 hours of HD video footage.

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  • Mini Phone Charger Hidden Camera

    Mini Phone Charger Hidden Camera

    Discreetly keep an eye on your phone with this dual charger and hidden camera

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  • Thumb Size Camcorder by LawMate

    Perfect for recording conversations or events, this pocket-sized mini camcorder captures video and snapshots.

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  • Miniature Dice Hidden Camera

    Miniature Dice Hidden Camera

    Unique and discreet, this mini dice hidden camera is guaranteed to go undetected.

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  • Electric Lighter Hidden Camera

    Electric Lighter Hidden Camera

    With motion-activated recording functions and an easy-to-operate design, this tiny hidden camera has everything you need for on-the-go surveillance.

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  • Omni Water Bottle Hidden Camera

    Omni Water Bottle Hidden Camera

    Covertly monitor your space without detection using this 3D printed water bottle that looks just like the real thing.

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  • Camscura Lux Hidden Camera

    Camscura Lux Hidden Camera

    6-month standby on one charge or record up to 24 hrs when triggered with IR sensor

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