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Security tools can certainly provide serious protection, but they can also make fun toys for hobbyists and enthusiasts. For users who enjoy spy gadgets, we offer a variety of devices and tools, from tiny body worn cameras that can covertly capture footage to ordinary objects that secretly double as diversion safes for storing small valuables. We also carry high-tech equipment designed for the professional, ensuring that no matter what your area of interest, your needs are covered by BrickHouse Security.

  • Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Mega Mini Spy Camera

    Entry level tiny spy camera.

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  • WiFi Mini AC Adapter Cam

    WiFi Mini AC Adapter Cam

    Charge your device while your camera continues to record 24/7 footage in 1080p HD resolution

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  • Bucket Outdoor Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life

    Bucket Outdoor Hidden Camera by Xtreme Life

    Ordinary plastic bucket features motion-activated and WiFi-enabled hidden camera for covert surveillance where it is least expected.

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  • Lawmate Keychain Hidden Camera

    Lawmate Keychain Hidden Camera

    No one will suspect that your ordinary-looking key fob actually doubles as a hidden camera.

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  • LawMate PV-PB20l Power Bank Wi-Fi HD DVR

    LawMate PV-PB20l Power Bank Wi-Fi HD DVR

    View covert video recordings, control camera, and download footage remotely using the free included app.

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  • LawMate Wireless Mouse Hidden DVR Camera

    LawMate Wireless Mouse Hidden DVR Camera

    This small surveillance camera looks exactly like a wireless mouse, and offers long battery life and up to 16 hours of HD video footage.

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  • Xtreme Life WiFi Black Box Camera

    Xtreme Life WiFi Black Box Camera

    The durable, water-resistant Xtreme Life Black Box Camera features multiple recording modes and live-streaming over WiFi.

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  • Electric Lighter Hidden Camera

    Electric Lighter Hidden Camera

    With motion-activated recording functions and an easy-to-operate design, this tiny hidden camera has everything you need for on-the-go surveillance.

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  • Energy Drink Hidden Camera

    Energy Drink Hidden Camera

    Record undetectable surveillance video or capture still images with the push of a button from this completely undercover hidden camera.

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  • Frequency Finder Bug Detector

    Frequency Finder Bug Detector

    All-in-one tool will alert you to unauthorized transmissions, even disrupts potential listening devices.

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  • LawMate Outlet Camera

    LawMate Outlet Camera

    This dummy outlet installs in seconds and records motion-activated high-definition video.

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  • Lawmate Covert Surveillance Glasses

    Lawmate Covert Surveillance Glasses

    Wearable hidden camera with discreet one-button recording

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