Your computer is part of your daily life, and you want to ensure that your family or employees are using it properly. Computer monitoring devices help keep track of all activities. At BrickHouse Security, tracking software is available in different versions for PC monitoring and Mac monitoring. Install software on your laptop to remotely delete private data and retrieve its location in case of theft. A plug-and-play USB keylogger records and interprets every keystroke to monitor all computer use. From ensuring safe online experiences for your children to protecting sensitive data, these specialized monitoring systems track everything that happens on your computer.

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BrickHouse Security's selection of computer surveillance software makes it easy to covertly monitor all computer activity. With everything from sophisticated key logging programs to software that runs in the background, this computer tracking software has the ability to reveal everything typed, including passwords, chat logs, web searches, and more. This includes key loggers for business or private purposes. Certain surveillance USB drives will actually email select screenshots directly to your personal e-mail address when certain trigger words are typed. The best part about BrickHouse's computer surveillance options is that they can run on a computer without the user knowing that it exists.This is essential for any business owner or parent interested in teen computer security software.