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Westinghouse access control solutions put the power in your hands with an intuitive design that allows you to tailor your preferences per user or per lock.

Access Control For Up to 1,000 Users icon

Access Control For Up to 1,000 Users

Less Than 1/2 the Cost ofComparable Systems icon

Less Than 1/2 the Cost of Comparable Systems

Fully Wireless, Easy Installation icon

Fully Wireless, Easy Installation

Durable, dependable, and easy to install, all of Westinghouse's products feature the same high-quality, automotive-grade enclosures. Choose from biometric or PIN code models depending on your unique needs. Or, if you're looking to control access remotely, integrate Westinghouse z-wave locks into your automation system. With the capability to enroll thousands of users, Westinghouse locks are perfect for security-sensitive business and government environments.


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Westinghouse RTS-PZ Z-Wave Series PIN Access Control
This PIN lock uses innovative Z-Wave communication to integrate into any automation system without...>>
Sale $810.00
Westinghouse RTS Standard PIN Access Control
This weather-resistant, customizable PIN code access lock can be enrolled for up to 1,000 unique...>>
Sale $680.40
Westinghouse RTS Standard Biometric Access Control
Choose from biometric, PIN code, or a combination of the 2 to tailor your access control for up to...>>
Sale $810.00
Westinghouse PoE Biometric Access Control
This battery-free smart lock is powered by an ethernet cable and can be configured to up to 1,000...>>
Sale $1,215.00
Z-Wave Static Controller for RTS-Z & RTS-PZ
Add the Z-Wave Static Controller lock and unlock the door right from your computer
Sale $86.40
Westinghouse RTS Z-Wave Biometric Access Control
Integrate this smart lock into an automation system, or use it as a standalone lock; with 3,000...>>
Sale $918.00
Westinghouse MS1 Management Software for RTS Series Locks
This intuitive software from Westinghouse enables a security manager to easily control access on...>>
Sale $594.00