The Key to Knowing if the Last Round Was One Too Many

Keychain Breathalyzer

  • Completely Portable
  • Results In Seconds
  • Runs on 2 AAA Batteries (not Included)
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Keychain Breathalyzer
  • Completely Portable
  • Results In Seconds
  • Runs on 2 AAA Batteries (not Included)

The Keychain Breathalyzer is Always Handy

If you've had a few drinks, it's never a smart idea to reach for your keys. Even if you're sure that you're fine, check to see what the Keychain Breathalyzer says. In under 20 seconds, you can find out if your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) exceeds the legal limit in your state.

To test BAC, hold down the test button for 10 seconds, exhale into the Keychain Breathalyzer, and then check the LED readout. Three levels can be displayed: less than .03 BAC, .03-.05 BAC, and greater than .05 BAC.

The Keychain Breathalyzer runs on 2 AAA batteries and comes in handy even if you're not checking your blood alcohol content level. It also has a built-in LED flashlight and clock with a timer.


SKU: 273-FT62

Special Feature: Never wonder if your fit to drive with this handy keychain breathalyzer.

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  • Kristmas
    Feb 10th 2019
    Not exact but ranges are useful

    Tried it first time and it worked quite well. To use for other reviewer, push and hold power . When only green light, then without touching lips blow three seconds, slowly into the sensor at the end, still holding power. Lights lit indicate bac. RED & yellow .08 or greater YELLOW. 05 TO .08 GREEN LEADS THAN. 05 WAIT 20 SECONDS BEFORE REPEATING. The other thing is a countdown timer. Not relevant. Only ranges are indicated. Exact bac is not known. Hope this helps. More if my bf would just come out of denial...I wouldn't need this!

  • Danielle
    Jun 29th 2017
    Stay safe on the roads!

    This breathalyzer is amazing! Very convenient item to have on your keychain when you are going out with friends to make sure you stay safe. Don't drink and drive!


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