• Kwikset BD99120 ZWave Smartkey Motorized Lever Lock
    Programmable smart lock compatible with your home automation system
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  • Kwikset 914 Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock
    Maintain the aesthetic of your home as well as its security with this keyless entry deadbolt lock with one-touch locking and a sleek metal design.
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  • Kwikset 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt
    Secure your home against entry threats with this keyless smart lock deadbolt
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  • Kwikset Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock
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  • MiLocks QF01P 3in1 Keyless Entry DB with RF Remote Control
    Control exactly who has access to your home with the RF remote controls, pass codes, and two mechanical keys.
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  • Nest x Yale Deadbolt
    Personalized keycodes and tamper alerts give you ultimate access control over your property
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  • This high-tech keypad lock comes with the option to be controlled remotely, allowing you to grant or restrict access to your home or office from anywhere with an internet connection.
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  • Yale Z-Wave Deadbolt With Push Button Pad
    Enjoy the convenience and safety of this simple Z-Wave-capable home entry/exit system.
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  • Yale Z-Wave Lever Lock Push Button Pad
    Control who gets in and when while monitoring entry and exit activity from afar.
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  • Time Attendance Recorder combining a keypad, RFID and, fingerprint reader
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  • Designed to read MIFARE contactless smart cards
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Electronic Locks Sold by BrickHouse Security

At BrickHouse Security, offer a variety of electronic locks for different user applications including fingerprint deadbolt locks, keypad locks, remote controlled locks, keycode locks, and more. Our selection of electronic locks has been hand-curated by our product team to ensure that we are providing a variety of exceptional options for our customers. We have a commitment to offering products that are both popular and well-reviewed by users to ensure that our customers are able to choose from among the best.

If you have questions or concerns about choosing the best electronic lock set for use at your home, rental property, business, office space, warehouse, etc., our team members at BrickHouse Security are here to help. Our team of security experts is always willing to provide you with the education and information that you need to get the job done right. We invite you to contact our team directly if you have questions about the variety of keyless locks, electronic locks, fingerprint locks, and other security devices that we offer. That’s what we’re here for!

Trusted By the Security Industry for Over 12 Years

Thousands of satisfied customers have trusted BrickHouse Security to provide exceptional products and support since 2005.

Keyless Locks For Next-Generation Security

Only a decade ago, biometric door locks would have seemed unattainable for the home user. Recent technological advancements, however, have not only made the fingerprint lock available for all of your home and business needs, but affordable enough that you won't need to break the bank to enjoy the highest level of electronic entryway security. BrickHouse Security offers a wide array of door locks from fingerprint home locks, to electronic deadbolt locks, to remote-controlled locks.  No matter what your price range is or the level of security you need, there's a high-security lock for your needs.

Best Electronic Locks

Electronic deadbolt locks are a popular product because of how much added security they offer for the average user, homeowner, or business manager. BrickHouse Security provides a detailed list of our most popular products and best-selling electronic home locks to help our customers choose the best options for your security needs.

Fingerprint Locks

Passcodes can be shared between people, but fingerprint locks provide an added element of security, ensuring that employees and personnel are granted the appropriate access levels and are only entering areas where they are authorized to be. Fingerprint home locks add an extra level of security above key and keycode locks.

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks which are opened via key codes, allow property owners and managers to monitor access of employees, workers, and other personnel. Access information such as how many times a person uses their entry code and at what times of the day, give you maximum control and complete information about the activity on your property.


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