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Keyless Door Locks for Safe, Effortless Access Control

Enhance both your convenience and security with keyless door locks from BrickHouse Security. The key to any home security or home automation system, smart locks provide remote access control to any vulnerable point in your home or office. Keyless door locks can be outfitted on any interior or exterior door and let you assign unique access codes to family members, employees, or guests. In more advanced systems like BrickHouse Security's MORzA, keyless door locks can be opened or armed with the push of a button in an app, or the click of a mouse through a simple online interface. Most smart locks are z-wave enabled, which means they can be easily integrated into any existing automation system.

Featured Items
Adel Trinity 788 Fingerprint Door Lock Version 2
Kwikset BD99120 ZWave Smartkey Motorized Lever Lock
NX4 Secure-Mount Biometric Deadbolt
Kwikset 914 Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock
Kwikset 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt
Kwikset Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock
MiLocks QF01P 3in1 Keyless Entry DB with RF Remote Control
Nest x Yale Deadbolt
NextBolt NX3 EZMount
NextBolt NX5 High Security Edition
Remote Control RF Deadbolt Keyless Lock
Westinghouse PoE Biometric Access Control
Westinghouse RTS Standard Biometric Access Control
Westinghouse RTS Standard PIN Access Control
Westinghouse RTS Z-Wave Biometric Access Control
Westinghouse RTS-PZ Z-Wave Series PIN Access Control
Wireless Keypad Lever Door Lock
Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock
Yale YRD110ZW Keyless Push-Button Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock
Yale Z-Wave Deadbolt With Push Button Pad
Yale Z-Wave Lever Lock Push Button Pad
Extra Remote for Remote Control Deadbolt Lock
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