Emergency Survival Gear

  • Kit with 116 emergency preparedness items and easy expandability


    Cover all your bases with this extensive Emergency Preparedness Kit.

  • Everything you need for roadside emergencies and breakdowns


    Be prepared for any situation with this all-inclusive cold weather auto emergency kit.

  • Multi-purpose life-saving tool breaks glass, cuts seatbelts, and more


    This compact, multi-use emergency tool could literally be a lifesaver.

  • Multi-purpose battery-free rescue tool features emergency light, handcrank radio, and more


    No motorist should leave home without this multi-function emergency tool.

The Best Emergency Gear for Any Circumstance

Emergency survival gear is essential for a range of uses, whether for people who live in areas prone to natural disasters or those who simply want to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. Our product team is committed to security and has personally curated an assortment of emergency preparedness tools to ensure that you have exactly what you need to feel safe, to call for help in an emergency, and to survive an unexpected loss of amenities like power.

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“I would like to commend Percy for his assistance. I know I'm a private investigator and it's sad to be electronically challenged in some areas, but it's people like Percy who make it work for me.”

Lynette B

“We have been a satisfied customer for 10 years, all our supplies come from Brick House Security.”

Stealth Private Investigations

“Easy to find merchandise. Easy to use site- Great customer service! Good quality products.!”

Lisa B

“It was quick and easy and I found exactly what I been looking for in less than 5 minutes, than from when I was looking at five different websites. ”

Cheyenne R

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Get Advice From Our Security Experts

When it comes to ensuring your safety and keeping your loved ones protected in the event of an emergency, the BrickHouse Security team of experts is here to help. We can answer your questions and provide you with education to ensure that you have the tools you need for your personal safety in an emergency or unexpected situation. We invite you to contact our team directly with any questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help!

Committed to Providing the Best in Personal Security

At BrickHouse, we sell only the best security products on the market. Our product team is always on the lookout for new technology and is committed to offering the latest and best.

Emergency Gear for Personal Safety

Whether you live in an area prone to natural disasters or you simply want to be prepared for the unexpected, you can choose from a curated assortment of protective gear to keep you safe, allow you to call for help, and give you the tools you need to survive when you are lacking modern amenities like power.


Emergency situations often occur in vehicles and it’s important for drivers to be prepared. First aid kits, roadside alert kits, fire extinguishers, glass break tools, and more are essential in the event of a vehicle emergency. At BrickHouse Security, we provide a variety of automotive emergency survival gear to ensure that drivers are properly equipped for emergency situations.

Best Emergency Gear

In emergency situations, most drivers want to be equipped with the best tools for the job. We have curated a list of our best-selling emergency survival equipment to ensure that you have exactly what you need to protect yourself or outfit your drivers for their own safety.


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