First Alert 43 Ounce 5BC Fire Extinguisher

Be Prepared! Minimize Property Damage by Putting Out Fires Before They Can Spread


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Easy-to-use, lightweight extinguisher works on electrical and flammable liquid fires

  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Effective on Both Electrical and Flammable Liquid Fires
  • Compact and Portable

Fires occur every day, causing extensive property damage. Having the proper fire-fighting tools allows you to put out small fires before they spread. Fire hoses and standard extinguishers use water, which is not only ineffective but dangerous to use for electrical or flammable liquid fires. Instead, a dry chemical retardant is needed; the type used in extinguishers labeled for B and C Category fires.

Weighing 2.5 lbs. and only 13 inches long, the First Alert 43 oz 5BC extinguisher is lightweight and easy for anyone to handle. Just pull the pin, aim it at the base of the fire and squeeze the lever to release the fire retardant. And, these units are so inexpensive you can afford to have one in every room.

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