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Kwikset 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt MORzA Smart Thermostat
Take advantage of the Kwikset 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt's suite of features to protect your...
This thermostat syncs seamlessly with your MORzA Home Automation system...
DIY Smart Home Starter Kit Z-Wave 60-Watt Equivalent Light Bulb
Easy to install and use, this kit includes a variety of smart home components and is...
Integrate this 60-watt light bulb into
your home automation system and
take remote

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Remotely Control Your Lighting & Appliances

Through innovative z-wave communication technology, any light or appliance in your home can be integrated into your home automation system. Setting up the system is as easy as plugging in an electrical outlet. There's virtually no installation. You'll be controlling your living room lights or your toaster right from your phone, tablet, or PC in minutes.

The Hottest Thing in Thermostat Technology

Linking your thermostat to your home automation system saves on heating and cooling costs and keeps you comfortable 24/7. Schedule your climate controls to kick in at certain times (like half an hour before you get home, for example) and control your home's temperature from anywhere with Internet access.

Energy Management Equals Savings

Energy management means getting the most out of your home for the lowest possible cost. Your smart home can learn your habits to optimize when you use certain appliances and when you turn on heating and air conditioning. Location-based triggers make efficiency as simple as syncing your phone or tablet with your home automation system. Shut off devices when you leave and have the AC ready when you return, without lifting a finger.

Smarter Locks for Safer Homes

When synced with your home automation system, your locks become controllable from any mobile device, anywhere in the world. Grant or deny access and lock or unlock your doors, even when you're on the go. These keyless intelligent locks can even create personalized entry codes for guests or service personnel.

Check in from Anywhere with Video Monitoring

MORzA video monitoring gives you a live view of your home from anywhere in the world. Real-time streaming video lets you be sure that your kids make it home safe from school, or that nobody has broken in while you're on vacation. Video monitoring is a powerful addition to any home automation system.

A State-of-the-Art Home Security System

MORzA by BrickHouse Security represents a revolution not only in home automation and video monitoring, but also in home security. MORzA wireless home security systems feature live mobile alerts in the event of a break-in; and, because MORzA is centrally monitored 24/7, if there's ever a threat to you or your home, dispatch will send emergency response personnel immediately.