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BrickHouse Security Deluxe Yard Sign & Wunder Light Bundle BrickHouse Double-Sided Decals - 5 Pack
Featuring six stickers, one yard sign with a metal post and a long-lasting solar light, this kit alerts would-be...
Declare your home or business to be protected by BrickHouse Security...
BrickHouse Security Eye Yard Sign Package BrickHouse Camera Yard Sign Package
Stake this sign in front of your house to let everyone know that your home is protected by Brickhouse Security...
The BrickHouse Security Camera Yard Sign Package is a proven tool to help increase home security...

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Use Security Signs to Prevent Crime

One of the best ways to keep thefts and break-ins from occurring is by making the potential burglar fear being caught. Place security signs, which act as theft deterrents, in your yard or around your property to indicate that your home is protected by a security system and is being monitored. You can also use security signs to make your property appear to be fully monitored even if it isn't. Whether or not you choose to add the additional precaution of an actual security system is up to you.

Alarm Stickers

Security alarm stickers can be great tools for deterring crime. BrickHouse Security offers a variety of alarm sticker designs for property owners to place on windows and doors that are likely targets for break-ins. If a potential burglar sees a sticker indicating that the property is protected by hidden cameras or an alarm system, they are much more likely to be deterred from committing an illegal act.

Yard Signs

Yard signs that indicate a property is protected by security cameras or alarm systems are an added measure of security for property owners who want to deter criminal behavior. Keeping a security sign in plain sight will give potential burglars pause, helping to prevent crimes like break-ins on your property.