Get Big Performance With Mini GPS Tracking Devices

If you’re in need of a covert GPS tracker designed to be hidden in a vehicle or asset or on a person, a mini GPS tracker is your best option. These small, compact devices are easily stowed wherever you need them, and the fact that they are tiny and discreet ensures that they’ll be virtually undetectable. Whether you’re monitoring the movements of a vehicle or object, using a tiny GPS tracker allows you to track covertly. Portable sizing is also convenient in situations where a person needs to carry the GPS tracker as it will not be too heavy or take up too much room. Mini GPS trackers are great for monitoring your child’s location as they walk home from school, your partner as they take a solo hike, or an elderly relative who wants to maintain their independence but needs a little extra help sometimes. Although these trackers are small, they do not sacrifice on performance and are backed by BrickHouse Security’s guarantee.

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Mini GPS trackers are powerful devices in small packages. Everything you can do with a bigger device, you can do with a smaller one as well. Our mini real time GPS trackers operate on the same platform as our other trackers, giving you access to the same information and data reporting. Use the tracking platform to determine where the tracker has been, whether it has crossed your pre-established geofences or borders, how fast of speeds it’s traveled at, and more. Whatever your tracking needs, there’s a tracker for it, and our GPS platform will support you throughout it all. 

Small GPS trackers are designed to assist you with keeping track of the things and people that mean the most to you. If your car is stolen or you're worried about your loved ones, real time GPS trackers in your family vehicles can give you the answers you need almost instantly. These devices can also be useful when it comes to ensuring the safety of elderly family members who want to enjoy their independence, monitoring the transportation of goods for your business, detecting the unauthorized use of company resources, and so much more. Most small GPS trackers can send reports to your home PC, laptop, and mobile devices to ensure that you are kept up-to-date 24/7 with location details.

Mini GPS trackers are easy to carry and can be paired with our assortment of GPS accessories to make transporting them even easier. A small GPS device can be easily carried in a purse or backpack, or can even be attached to a belt or a lanyard to make them able to be carried hands-free. 

As you consider the different GPS trackers available to you, you may enjoy consulting our especially curated GPS tracking learning library which is filled with articles about GPS tracking, including such topics as how to select a GPS tracker, understanding the balance between tracking intervals and battery life, using alerts to keep yourself informed about everything that happens, knowledge about the legalities of using GPS tracking in a variety of applications, education about the accuracy of GPS tracking and what to expect as a user, how a tracker communicates, and so much more! Customer education is so important to our team because we believe that knowledge is power and leads to greater success. If you have questions or need assistance, we incite you to contact our dedicated support team at any time for help.

If you have additional questions and don’t see the answers you’re looking for in our learning library, our help site is another great resource for you when troubleshooting your device or software. As always, you can also contact our team directly for assistance as our team is always available to answer your questions and walk you through any concerns. After all, our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority.

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